Disciples of Christ


Our Confirmation Program, Disciples of Christ, is designed to bring Jesus front and center into the hearts of the teens that embark on this journey! We follow an inspiring program called “Decision Point”, a Catholic based program with wonderful, inspiring short videos led by a motivational speaker named, Matthew Kelly. Teens will follow along in their own personal journal filled with fun facts and interesting questions to ignite their passion for Faith! Decision Point describes their program in this way:

“Meeting people where they are . . . Leading them to where God calls them to be”.

This 2-year program is offered for 9th and 10th grade students who have completed their Sacrament of Baptism, Eucharist and Reconciliation, along with previous Faith Formation classes. We will emphasize the Fruits of the Holy Spirit and how important it is to live out those in our every day lives so we can become true Disciples of Christ, thus striving to become the best version of ourselves!

Each year, in accordance with the St. Paul and Minneapolis Archdiocese, we implement the Children and Youth Safety Instruction lessons. For more information on these standards visit the St. Paul and Minneapolis Archdiocese website.

For more information about our D.O.C. program, please contact the formation department Shawn@stgregorynb.org

St. Gregory The Great