Committees & Councils

Pastoral Council

The Pastoral Council has 7 – 9 members selected for their leadership abilities, strong faith life, perspectives on pastoral issues and volunteer activities. While it has no formal decision-making power, the Pastoral Council manages the parish’s response to key issues impacting Saint Gregory the Great. It serves as the focal point for establishing the parish’s vision, defining what the parish stands for as a community, gathering parishioner views, and researching issues.


  • Dan Widenstrom: Chairperson
  • Mark Gelbmann: Co-Chair
  • Cherie Monson: Secretary
  • Mary Felix
  • Liz Long
  • Joleen Pierce
  • Fr. Shane Stoppel-Wasinger

Finance Council

This group of parishioners is responsible for maintaining the parish’s financial health, approving the annual budget and planning its financial future.

  • Barb Miller: Chairperson
  • Greg Haas
  • Betty Zupon
  • Angie Iverson
  • Craig Multerud
  • Mary Felix
  • Aline Gloeb
  • Fr. Shane Stoppel-Wasinger

Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees has three parish members, including our pastor, Fr. Father Shane Stoppel-Wasinger, in addition to Archbishop Bernard Hebda and Fr. Charles Lachowitzer, the vicar general. Rich Anderson and Mark Bossard have been appointed by the pastor and approved by the Archbishop. As trustees, they assist with legal and fiduciary matters and provide oversight on the Archdiocese’s behalf.

  • Rich Anderson
  • Mark Bossard
  • Fr. Shane Stoppel-Wasinger

Cemetery Committee
Coming soon