Religious Education:
Forming Disciples of Christ (DOC) for grades 9 – 10 is on Sunday evenings twice per month at 6:00 – 8:30 pm.

High school students of any age may enter the Confirmation preparation program. Because Confirmation is a sacrament involving the church community, candidates are required to attend faith formation classes one year prior to entering the two year preparation program.

Confirmation Commitments
As Catholic Christians, by virtue of our Baptism, we are expected to participate actively in our faith and in our Church. In preparation for the final sacrament of initiation, Confirmation, candidates will make these commitments in order to experience more completely the faith life of the church.

Attendance at and satisfactory participation in all CFC classes during the years of preparation. Necessary absences for illness and family emergencies should be called in by the parent prior to the class time. All other absences are discouraged. Candidates who miss class may receive make-up assignments from their catechist. If a candidate is absent more than three times in any given year for reasons other than illness or emergency, we will assume he/she no longer wishes to be a part of the Confirmation classes. If the candidate (after more than 3 absences which have not been called in) wishes to continue the preparation process he/she and their parent(s) will meet with the director of faith formation and/or pastor to determine the commitment of the candidate to continue the process.

Attendance at Mass on Sundays and Holy Days of Obligation. (We will rely on the commitment of the candidate and their parents to do this.) Candidates must fill out three “Mass Report” sheets each year regarding Masses they attend. They should choose one Mass each during the seasons of Advent, Lent, and Ordinary Time.

In order to broaden their experience of Church youth will participate in at least two Greater Church Experiences during the years of preparation. We will offer several opportunities each year for which a bus will be provided from which candidates may choose. Details will be available at classes and published in the bulletin at St. Gregory and Sacred Heart or youth ministry programs. Candidates may also choose to do these with their families. Churches attended must be Catholic and meet guidelines.

Attendance at the Confirmation /Christian Service Workshop with their parents and completion of the Service commitments as outlined at this workshop. Basic knowledge of the Catholic faith is an important element. Test of the basic beliefs/goals will be given prior to entering Confirmation preparation. In the first year of preparation candidates will have the opportunity to research and complete responses to any questions that they were unable to answer correctly on the test. Basic beliefs/goals will be reviewed in class during each year of preparation.

Attendance at Confirmation Sponsor workshops with their sponsors. Everyone must attend the initial sponsor workshop and three out of the remaining four workshops offered over a two year period.

Attendance at the retreat for each year of the preparation process.

Current Retreats:

  • 9th grade– NET Team at St. Gregory’s (CFC night– extended time)
  • 10th grade– Quest Retreat offsite Candidates who do not attend these retreats will be responsible for locating and attending an alternate retreat.

Ninth graders will participate in “Rite of Choice” at designated Mass (before the parish community). Candidates will sign a Confirmation Candidates’ Covenant which indicates their commitment to participating in the preparation process for Confirmation and all that it entails.

Participation in an interview with designated adult (catechists or other adults trained to conduct the interview) to discuss their preparation for Confirmation. This would take place toward the end of the first year of preparation before the rite of choice.

Confirmation Commitments – Greater Church Experiences

We offer greater church experiences so that confirmation candidates may experience the richness of the Catholic Church in a variety of ways. These range from the Catholic Charismatic liturgy experienced at the NET Lifeline Mass to the more traditional experiences of other churches. Candidates will have the opportunity to experience the Catholic Church in a variety of settings and/or cultures.

We will offer several options each year in which bussing will be provided.
These options will be advertised through classes and/or the Sunday bulletins at both St. Gregory and Sacred Heart.)

Confirmation Commitments:

As part of your Confirmation Commitments you must attend a minimum of two Greater Church experiences during your two years of Confirmation preparation. Of course you may attend as many as you want! You may attend those we offer or go with your family.

Options include:

Lifeline which is offered on the first Saturday of the month at the NET Center in West St. Paul.

Some suggested churches: Cathedral in St. Paul, Basilica of St. Mary, St. Constantine Ukrainian Catholic Church in Minneapolis, St. John’s Abbey in Collegeville, St. Agnes in St. Paul (Latin Mass), St. Paul in Ham Lake, St. Maron in Minneapolis, St. Adalbert in St. Paul, Steubenville Conference (in the summer); Spanish Mass at St. Stephen in Anoka or St. Odelia in Shoreview.

Please ask for approval on other options you may choose to do with your family. You must attend a Catholic Mass and churches you attend should have a unique history, architectural setting, or culture. A greater church experience form must be turned in to get credit!

Service Commitments
You will need to complete a total of six service projects during your two years of preparation (three each year). It is recommended that you do at least one project in each of these areas in order to challenge you and help you discover the gifts you have.

Church Ministry
Choir, Lector, Altar Server, Usher, Catechist for Sunday School, CFC help, childcare on Sundays or for sacramental meetings. Assist with church events such as Booya, Mardi Gras, leaf raking, parish events and festivals, assist with decorating for liturgies, dinners, coffee Sunday, sacramental meetings, etc. You must contact the appropriate person in charge.

Social Justice
This project would be doing something which would help right an injustice in the world. (examples– hunger, poverty, unequal opportunity, abortion, discrimination, etc.)
Getting at the root cause of the injustice to help alleviate it. Examples: letters to governmental leaders regarding issues such as poverty or abortion; start an effort to alleviate bullying in the schools.

Caring for those who are affected by the injustice. Examples: Working at a food shelf, serving a meal at a shelter or pack food for Feed My Starving Children, Salvation Army Bell Ringing, Service Day Summer Stretch, organize a coat drive, visiting a nursing home, etc. You must do one social justice project with your class group.

Examples– assisting at a sports camp or event, helping a neighbor or grandparent with yardwork, babysitting for free, etc.

Service within your own family is an expected role as a member of your family. Therefore you cannot count it as Confirmation service. You may do examples listed or choose your own. They can be in your church, community, school as long as you are not paid and do not benefit from (Scouts, NHS, assigned community service hours, cannot be used).

Minimum of five hours is a suggested guideline.

St. Gregory The Great