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Mission: To greet parishioners as they enter the Church, assist with seating,taking up the collections(s), direct procession to the altar for Communion, and hand out the bulletin after Mass.

Role and attitude:

The goal and purpose of this ministry is to encourage families and individuals to consider thoughtfully and genuinely offering their time and talents as Ministers of Hospitality to our parish community.


  • Regular participation in parish worship.
  • Personal commitment to holiness and sharing one’s gifts with the parish community.
  • A friendly, outgoing, helpful personality. A smile and a greeting go a long way in making all feel welcome.
  • An ability to greet and welcome the person you know, as well as the stranger you haven’t met. No one should be able to enter our church, without being greeted by at least one person.


Christian hospitality is the visible expression of Christian love, drawing people together, opening them to participation in the life of the Church, and setting the tone for the way we pray at Mass. More than just performing functions, the goal of hospitality is to make the love of Jesus more visible and tangible to everyone who comes to Sunday Mass. Both hospitality and stewardship deal with generosity—generous hearts and generous actions. They both require making people feel valued and affirmed in relationship to the church and to the parish.

In terms of stewardship, hospitality is an immensely important concept. We all know the “three Ts” of stewardship: time, talent and treasure. But, there are also “four Ps,” the four pillars of stewardship—hospitality, prayer, formation and service. Why is hospitality mentioned first? Because without hospitality, none of the other pillars will ever take hold.

At every level, the parish needs to promote hospitality—to evangelize those in the community who don’t know Christ, to welcome new members, and to tie existing members more strongly to the parish community.

St. Gregory The Great