Summer Festival

Mission: to build community by organizing and facilitating the summer festival held on the second weekend in June. It is a principal fundraiser for the parish.

Contact Mark Hunt or Jana Kelly

Fall Booya

Mission: to provide a community celebration in the fall of the year, usually September. It is a fun social event that also is a fundraiser for the parish.

Contact Greg Haas

Women's Activities

Mission: to unite, support, empower, and educate the women of the parish through spirituality, leadership, and service by providing women the opportunity to deepen their relationship with Jesus Christ.

Prayer Shawl Ministry

Mission: to provide hand made shawls to members of our parish community living in care facilities or private homes


Coffee Sunday

Mission: to provide an opportunity to socialize and meet new parishioners while having a treat between Sunday Masses.

Funeral Lunches

Mission: to provide a luncheon for the grieving family and friends following funerals. Volunteers with set up and serve food and/or provide cakes or bars for the luncheon.

The funeral luncheon workers volunteer their time to make a warm and welcoming meal for a family during their time of sorrow. Additionally, volunteers provide cakes and bars. 

This Ministry is a wonderful way of serving someone in our parish that is going through a difficult time in their life. If you are interested in more information on joining our Funeral Lunch Ministry, please call the parish office at 651.674.4056.



Welcoming Committee

Mission: to contact all new members of the parish to welcome them, introduce them to the parish, and invite them to participate in the many activities offered.