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Mission: To proclaim God’s word at all Sunday and Holy Day Masses.

The prologue to the Gospel of John says, “In the beginning was the Word of God…And the Word became flesh and lived among us.” God honors you by sharing the living word with the chosen people through you, by filtering this inspired word through your lived experience and through your prayed preparation.

Maya Angelou said in 1970, “Words mean more than what is set down on paper. It takes the human voice to infuse them with shades of deeper meaning.”

When the Sacred Scriptures are read in the Church, God himself speaks to his people, and Christ, present in his word, proclaims the Gospel. Therefore, the readings from the Word of God are to be listened to reverently by everyone, for they are an element of the greatest importance in the Liturgy. Although in the readings from Sacred Scripture the Word of God is addressed to all people of whatever era and is understandable to them, a fuller understanding and a greater efficaciousness of the word is nevertheless fostered by a living commentary on the word, that is, by the Homily, as part of the liturgical action. (General Instruction of the Roman Missal [GIRM], no. 29)

St. Gregory The Great