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Altar Servers


Mission: To assist the presider at Liturgical Services; training is provided to any interested boy or girl in grades 5 – 12. Adults are welcomed as well.

Altar Servers should be mature enough to understand their responsibilities and to carry them out well and with appropriate reverence. They should have already received holy communion for the first time and normally receive the Eucharist whenever they participate in the liturgy.

Before Mass:

  1. Please dress as you would for a special occasion. It is a privilege to serve at Mass. Please wear black dress shoes.
  2. Arrive 15-20 minutes before Mass. Go to the Sacristy.
  3. Dress in the Alb of the appropriate size. If you are the Incense Server or the Master of Ceremonies, wear one of the special albs.
  4. Light the candles by the altar. There may be additional candles to light. The Priest will instruct you if needed.
  5. Make certain that all the items for the Mass are placed on the Credence Table. (This should have been done by the Sacristan but just double-check).
  6. The more experienced Server will carry the Processional Cross and will be the Roman Missal holder during Mass. The two other Servers will carry the candles.
  7. If there are only two Servers a Eucharistic Minister or another person will carry the Processional Cross and one of the Servers will hold the Roman Missal in addition to carrying a candle. If there is a fourth Server required, that Server will carry the incense.
  8. Five to ten minutes before Mass, light the processional candles. If incense is to be used, start it at this time as well.
  9. Five minutes before Mass is to begin, go to the narthex. Please stand in the vestibule in a quiet, respectful manner.
  10. The Priest may give you special instructions for the Mass of the day while you are in the sacristy.


After Mass:

1. After recession, go to the back of the church and wait for the Priest.
2. The Priest will give his Hymnal Music to one of you; please return it to the Sacristy.
3. Put out all candles. You may be instructed to put out the Paschal Candle (Big Candle) during the Easter Season.

St. Gregory The Great