Summer Festival

Mission: to build community by organizing and facilitating the summer festival held on the second weekend in June. It is a principal fundraiser for the parish.

Contact Mark Hunt or Bob Zangs

Fall Booya

Mission: to provide a community celebration in the fall of the year, usually September. It is a primary fundraiser for the parish.

Contact Greg Haas

Knights of Columbus

Knights of Columbus page

Women's Activities

Mission: to unite, support, empower, and educate the women of the parish through spirituality, leadership, and service by providing women the opportunity to deepen their relationship with Jesus Christ through the preparation of the altar and devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary.

Altar & Rosary Society page

Prayer Shawl Ministry

Mission: to provide hand made shawls to members of our parish community living in care facilities or private homes.

Coffee Sunday

Mission: to provide an opportunity to socialize and meet new parishioners while having a treat between Sunday Masses.

Funeral Lunches

Mission: to provide a luncheon for the grieving family and friends following funerals. Volunteers with set up and serve food and/or provide cakes or bars for the luncheon.

Welcoming Committee

Mission: to contact all new members of the parish to welcome them, introduce them to the parish, and invite them to participate in the many activities offered.