Women's Activities

Mission: to unite, support, empower, and educate the women of the parish through spirituality, leadership, and service by providing women the opportunity to deepen their relationship with Jesus Christ through the preparation of the altar and devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary.



Prayer Chain: volunteer group calling to obtain prayers for people in need.

Divine Mercy Devotion: a Divine Mercy statue of out Lord is available to parishioners who wish to pray the Divine Mercy Devotion for loved ones. Rosary and instructions are included.

Altar Linens: washing and ironing altar linens each week.

Flowers for Blessed Mary: sign-up sheet in the narthex for people to provide flowers for our Blessed Mother statue on altar.

Bulletin Board: We have a bulletin board in the parish hall providing information on upcoming events and pictures of our activities.


Women's Spiritual Retreat: a guest Speaker emphasizing women's roles in the Church; small group discussions and lunch.

Cancer Home of St Paul: This 68 year old home is being run by the Frnciscan Ordr. We provide items they can use to help in their care of cancer patients, of make a monetary. The Cancer Home receives funding solely through donations.

Pro Life across America: We donate funds used in the expense of the many billboards you see along the highways expressing the sanctity of life from birth to death.

Chisago Life Care Center: We host a baby shower for young women keeping their babies instead of choosing an abortion.


Craft & Bake Sale: In December the members of the parish donate crafts and baked goods for sale or they can provide a monetary donation in place of baked items.

Easter Baskets Sale: Baskets, donated by members of the parish are sold on Palm Sunday weekend Masses. The baskets can be for children or adults of any age. Here, again, if you choose not to make up a basket, a monetary donation is accepted.